Roy Mcdonald – Review

Lisa Eve Quinn 

May 3 · 

Roy McDonald and the whole OneLife team have helped not only my husband and I, but also my parents, brother and family friends. They are by far the best company I have ever been associated with and they have improved people’s lives in more ways than one. Roy’s expertise is incredible and he is able to provide each client with individual plans for their situation which I’ve never experienced before. The OneLife team go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and definitely over deliver. I highly recommend their programs to everyone. Extremely grateful that we took that leap in 2017!2OneLife Group and Jaime KazOneLife GroupLoveShow more reactionsCommentShare

Bettina McLeod  doesn’t recommend OneLife Group.

March 19 · 

Most unethical group ever! I have been asked to be unsubscribed from messanger 5 times!! And still they keep sending messages2 Comments3Maddy DeFazio, Leila Melki and Carly WiseOneLife GroupLikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

Patricia Burgess reviewed OneLife Group — 5 star

November 4, 2017 · 

I had been looking for a way to make money for a while and found something much more. The Onelife Group with Roy and the team offer a great program for anyone wanting to grow and be a better person.
I am 54 yrs old and thinking I would end up on a pension. Having been a part of Onelife for a short time now my confidence has grown, I have direction, goals set with an excellent future to look forward to for myself and family. Onelife is a very positive , supportive and friendly group of people that transform lives into something wonderful if we let it, I did and very grateful for every day.1 Comment4OneLife Group, Heidi Conway, Leeanne Kennedy and Sharon ChemelloOneLife GroupLoveShow more reactionsCommentShar

OneLife Group Hi Trish, thank you for the wonderful review, we hope to see you again soon 🙂ManageLikeShow more reactions · Reply · Commented on by Roy McDonald · 1y

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Debbie Williams  recommends OneLife Group.

March 11 · 

First experience at the Hunter Valley Retreat has been mind blowing. I felt like a queen, like I was the only girl in the world. 
So welcoming. 
Program was mind- blowing. Can’t wait for more.1 Comment1Heidi ConwayOneLife GroupLikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

Graham Leddy reviewed OneLife Group — 5 star

September 12, 2016 · 

If you are serious about getting in to business, growing your business or selling your business, then One Life is the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80 years old, if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve then I would recommend you get One Life on your team to mentor you and make that dream a reality.2OneLife Group and Carly WiseOneLife GroupLoveShow more reactionsCommentShare

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Sue Stones reviewed OneLife Group — 5 star

June 17, 2014 · 

This is Sue of the Top Dogs (June ’14). Thanks for everything at Life Magic, the information provided showed me that earning money has NOTHING to do with my financial situation. I don’t have to pull myself up by my own bootlaces, so I have no longer any excuse that I am unworthy. This is a personal challenge to me to take action that will bring the money. More than money I valued the oportunity to learn about myself and leadership, and today I am writting goals about leadership.1OneLife GroupOneLife GroupLoveCommentShare

Christine Condon reviewed OneLife Group — 5 star

April 19, 2014 · 

Had the most amazing 4 days with a fantastic group of people both participants and employees of the company. So much had been clarified for me as a result of this time. To see the values of respect, trust, care for people which I hold high being displayed in every aspect of the 4 days was inspirational. 
From the first time I met Roy I felt these values reflected back to me. I’m on a great life altering journey with amazing people.1OneLife GroupOneLife GroupLikeCommentShare

Damian Papuni reviewed OneLife Group — 5 star

April 19, 2016 · 

Thank you One Life Team for the amazing weekend. It was an eye opener, a revelation to learn so much about financial matters but also about how to be the person I want to be. Thanks again for allowing myself and my family (especially the 3 year old running around all the time) to be a part of this. Looking forward to sending regular updates of our progress. #financialfreedom here we come

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